About Us

Reality Hack is a community-run XR hackathon held at MIT co-hosted by a team of community volunteers (alumni, friends, and others) with the Reality Hack Organization 501-c3 and a student org VR/AR@MIT.  We all share a common goal: to educate, empower and enable people to be part of the XR industry.

With Reality Hack, we strive to provide opportunities to:

✏️ Learn: Presentations and tech workshops prepare participants with the fundamentals for creating an immersive experience/game/app, not to mention the organic discussions, fireside chats and more!

🤝Connect: Reality Hack participants are artists, creatives, domain experts, storytellers, designers, students and experts. The hackathon facilitates the chance to collaborate with people from various cultures and skill levels, with the aim to expand networks of friends and colleagues who are passionate about creativity and technology.

🛠️Create: This is where dream projects are made! Practice creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, time management and problem solving while boosting skill sets!

The culture we aim to shape at Reality Hack is one of inclusion, a culture that includes accessibility and diversity for both the participants and the things created at this event. 

-We provide a positive, friendly, safe, and welcoming environment at Reality Hack, as governed by our Safe Space Committee and Code of Conduct. 

-We value imagination, ingenuity, kindness, and shared vision of participants who work together to drive change by tackling a variety of subject matters using an assortment of hardware solutions.

-We promote the creation of open source assets and tools to empower XR creators beyond our direct community

We believe Reality Hack offers a new perspective into the positive potential of spatial computing, in an unforgettable five days of collaboration, ideation and creativity. We’re excited to meet you in January and see how you hack-to-the-future!

—Reality Hack team

#HackToTheFuture 🙌
#RHack 🔮
#RealityHack 🔥


Eswar Anandapadmanaban

Exec Team: Director

Sarah Pillai

Exec Team: Chief Disruptor

Scott Greenwald

Exec Team: Chairman

Maria Rice

Applications & Outreach Lead

Luke Porwol

Sponsorships Lead / Reality Fest Lead

Andreas Dias

Dev Ops Lead

Brian Hui

Marketing & Design Lead

Oksana Slyusar

Marketing & Design

Sean Rodrigo

Outreach Team

Elena Kodama

Facilities & Venue Lead

Vik Parthiban

Mentor Experience

Viktor Makarskyy

Mentor Experience

Melissa Chiu


Craig Herndon

Judging Lead

Elizabeth Mezias

Participant Experience

Divyanshu Varshney


Kealani Finegan

Applications & Outreach

Julie Driver

Outreach Co-Lead & Judging

Alejandro Jimenez

Participant Experience & Logistics

Austin Edelman

Participant Experience & Logistics

Luis Zanforlin

Hardware Management

Stepan Shabalin

Metaverse Development

Shane Engelman

Metaverse Development

Wiley Corning

Metaverse Development


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